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We Are ENGAGED!!!.........Now What?

Engagement ring

One of the most special days you have been waiting your whole life for. Was it a helicopter ride over your city? What about a vacation? Was it a surprise photo shoot? Or was it a special sweet intimate moment in your home? No matter how creative and sweet your partner became, that special moment when the love of your life pours out their heart with the most heartfelt words! After celebrating with family and friends, making social media posts, and soaking in the newly engaged bliss, what’s next?

      You should start planning! However, it can be overwhelming. What should you and your partner think about first? What are the first steps you should take? Well let’s talk about the first three steps you should do to kick off the wedding planning process!

Step 1: Set a Budget!

Dollar bills

 The very first thing that you and your partner should do is set a budget! Whether you and your partner are footing the bill yourself or you are able to receive some financial assistance from family it is important to set a budget to stick with. Planning a wedding can be pricey at times and you do not want to break the bank for your special day because you are not keeping track. We highly recommend putting together a wedding planning binder or digital folder. In this you can have a budget planning spreadsheet! This way anytime you book a vendor or a service for your wedding you can input it and keep track of it! There are several incredible resources that provide free templates that you can download to get you started!

Step 2: Agree on a Guest Count

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Knowing the number of guests you want to invite will also help you agree on the atmosphere and aesthetic you want for your special day. Do you want to have a big soiree? A curated intimate setting? Mix of both? Whichever you decide, having an estimate of how many guests you plan to invite will set the tone for the majority of your wedding planning. This is the true foundation of all of your planning. Some examples of how the number of guests affects how much you pay for alcohol, catering, a planner/coordinator and even your venue! 

Step 3: Select a Venue and Date

Wedding decoration

Lastly, you should begin venue searching! It is so important to go on tours and figure out which venue will be the backdrop of your special day. Now we have so many venues to choose from! Romantic Rustic? Glamorous ballroom? Industrial turned elegant? Anything you can dream of, there is a venue for it! Selecting a venue is for sure one of the biggest purchases you will have to make for your wedding. Due to this, it is important to do your research about locations you are interested in. Prepare a list of questions that you need to ask the venue's coordinator when you tour. One of those questions should be "How many people can your facility accommodate?" Some venues base their pricing on how many people you plan to have in attendance. 

Also you and your partner need to have potential dates and day of the week in mind while touring venues. Do not have your heart set on one particular date, the likelihood of it being available is very slim. Wedding venues book events a minimum of two years in advance. This means availability could be limited at popular venue locations. Being as flexible as you can with your wedding date while touring, will absolutely help to keep stress levels low during this process.

Now you are ready to get started! Don't Stress! You got this!  Happy Planning!

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