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Vendor Shoutout! Feat. Flower Pop Designs

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Vendor Shoutout! Featuring Flower Pop Designs 

This month we are excited to kick off the first in our series of Vendor Shoutouts! Where we sit down and interview with vendors we have worked with. Hope you enjoy!

Woman smiling

Hello. My name is Araceli. I'm a luxury florist serving the Dallas - Fort Worth area.

I have been in the industry for 3 years now, but have enjoyed creating art with flowers since I was a little girl. Over ten years ago I made my first arrangement for an event, that was when my friends and family noticed my love for flowers so I became the go to person to help out with events for free. Lol

I believe flowers have a special way of expressing love. They are the perfect way to celebrate a special moment and can say the things that often we as humans struggle to articulate into words.

I will be with you every step of the way until your florals are flawless for that special day or special someone. In the end, I am rewarded with the greatest make your floral dreams come true.

I look forward to being part of your special occasion!

What inspired you to get into the floral business?

I remember growing up watching my grandmother lovingly and patiently decor her house with beautiful arrangements. Every time she would start working on her arrangements I would run next to her and watch her. 

Couple on wedding day

What is your favorite flower?

You know it’s always a debate between the Miranda Garden Rose and the Gardenia Peony.
However, because of the spectacular process Peonies go through while opening, I’d have to go with the Gardenia Peony. 

Couple posing for photo on wedding day

What is your favorite part of your job?

The designing part would have to be my favorite, getting to play with flowers is always what I look forward to. 

Wedding decor

What questions should a couple ask when meeting with a florist?

I would say anything related to the payment process, it is important to have all those details set in stone, that way there are no surprises. 
I am very specific when it comes to this, everything is in my contact. 

What advice would you give to a couple who wants florals but is on a tight budget?

Reusing florals is always my #1 tip. Detaching ceremony arch decor can make the perfect decor for your sweetheart table. 

Wedding table decor

What should couples not do when it comes to florals?

In my honest opinion, going with faux florals can be avoided a lot of times. You can always communicate with your florist and go over different options that fit your budget. 

What do you do to help you ensure that you complete all floral orders on time?

Knowing all the details as far as location and time are key. This information helps me stay organized if I have multiple events. I also make sure to have my orders ready to go the night before.

What is your favorite flower combination for arrangements?

I would say Playas, Quicksands, Cream Majolicas, Gardenia peonies, a few texture florals such as wax or rice flower, and some greenery. I’m getting excited just thinking about that combo! 

Wedding table setting

Do you have a favorite wedding that you worked?

Not really, all weddings are unique, I enjoy all of them. There are specific florals I like to work with for weddings though.

Bride posing on stairs
Bride smiling with tree

Hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit about Araceli from Flower Pop Designs! If you want to see more of her incredible work, go follow her on Instagram @flowerpopdesigns

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